Real Estate Photography Tips: Tight Client Budgets

Real Estate Photography Tips

Real Estate Photography Tips: Tight Client Budgets

Introduction: Real Estate Photography Tips

In the world of real estate photography, encountering agents or landlords with tight budgets is common. Discover how to handle this frustrating challenge with these Real Estate Photographer Tips. Navigating such situations might seem perplexing, but effective strategies can turn limitations into opportunities.

You may wonder, if an agent can’t convince their vendor to invest in a photo-shoot, how can they sell or rent a house? 

You may feel like they want everything for nothing and might hear things like, “but, this photographer is $20 cheaper”, or people may complain about a travel fee if they are outside your designated area.

They simply don’t understand. Therefore, part of your job is to help them understand, quickly, why you are worth the fee that you charge. Here are some things you can do to help get them over the line. 

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Have only your best real estate photography portfolio online

Always have your best work on your website, physical portfolio, brochures, and even the back of your business card. If your photos make a house look like it’s worth a million dollars, they can’t expect to pay pennies for your work. 

Real Estate Photographer Tips

Flaunt your realestate photogaphy experience

If you have years and years of experience, make sure you advertise this fact in your marketing or on your website. Advertise the fact that you have worked with award winning agents, and promote the achievements of your existing and past clients in your blog and social media.

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Provide different real estate photography packages

If you are providing real estate photography services to sales agents and also rental agents, you need to understand that these are two different types of clients and the product they require is much different. 

Sales agents will almost always have a significantly larger budget than a leasing agent who is just renting out the property. Don’t expect a leasing agent to purchase a $750 photography package for visuals to use in a rental campaign for a $250 per week villa. If you want to service rental agents then you should have a service offering that suits their needs and budget. A good starting point is ‘8 images’ for use in rental campaigns, and you can upsell your services from here. 

Educate them on the costs of the business

Educate potential clients on the costs of operating your business, so they can understand that the process is not as simple as just shooting, exporting and emailing through the photos. There are many factors associated with your pricing, including your experience, time, and overheads such as gear, insurance, editing, vehicle, etc., (in addition to paying yourself!). 

Use testimonials from other real estate agents/clients

Display testimonials on your website and social media platforms to show potential customers what other agents (who have no problem with your fees) are saying about your work. Ask if you can use their photo, name and company name in the testimonials as this adds credibility. 

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Keep moving forward

Sometimes it’s not worth trying to spend the time trying to secure a client with this kind of attitude. Of course, you need to put in the effort to win over new clients (especially in the early days), but sometimes the cheapest clients are also the hardest to work with, and this can lead to wasted time and further frustration over the long run. It can be better to let them learn the hard way, then taking a job for less money. 

If the home is outside your designated work area and they complain about a travel fee, this could be your chance to refer a job to another photographer in that town or suburb. This is a great way to earn some good karma and it may pay off in the future if the photographer returns the favor.

Conclusion: Real Estate Photography Tips

In essence, these strategies encapsulate the resilience and resourcefulness required to thrive in the dynamic landscape of real estate photography. By embracing these real estate photographer tips, you can transform constraints into catalysts for innovation and success.

Through effective communication, tailored service offerings, and the cultivation of credibility, you can navigate tight budgets with finesse, ensuring that your value proposition shines through even in challenging circumstances. As the industry evolves, adaptability and strategic thinking remain paramount, guiding you toward sustainable growth and professional fulfillment.

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